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High-tech enterprise,

international compulsory certification

Yingde Yajia Coating Co., Ltd. is the first batch of high-tech enterprises that have passed the 3C international compulsory certification and ISO9001 international quality certification, and has been unanimously passed by international authoritative certification agencies. People-oriented and green environmental protection concepts make outstanding contributions to the national society.
The company takes deepening management and service as its development goals, modernizes from operation management, production management, technology research and development, etc., continuously improves its core competitiveness, and has strong profitability and innovative modern paint enterprises.

R & D Advantage

Independent research and development

The company's independent research and development, a senior engineering team with more than ten years of technical research and development experience, control the product quality layer by layer, cooperate with a number of universities, create a joint laboratory, develop new products according to customer market needs, and ensure marketing.

Product Diversification

Continuous innovation to

meet market demand

Our products cover more than a thousand products such as furniture coatings, industrial paints, UV paints, water-based industrial paints, water-based wood paints, wall paints, synthetic resins, etc., providing more comprehensive choices for coating users. Provide customers with integrated services such as skill training and painting in addition to products and services, becoming a comprehensive solution provider of product supply chain with obvious advantages

Advanced production equipment

Automated production, speed shipment

The company's annual output is 100,000 tons, and conventional products are shipped nationwide to 48 hours to meet the supply needs of dealers across the country. Our company also uses production automatic control systems and advanced testing instruments to control and control throughout the process. Casting Yajia paint is consistent. quality.

High-quality professional sales / service team

One-to-one service

The company has a professional marketing planning team and customer service team to conduct market analysis, judgment and "tailor-made" for the area where the dealer is located
Marketing program, also has a professional after-sales service team, technical consulting, marketing consulting, 24-hour online service.

Professional market planning

and promotion

Protect distribution rights

The company establishes a perfect market research system, implements a regional service system and improves regional control for the development and maintenance of key markets, and does a good job of protecting each region to ensure the sales profit of customers. Ensure that the company's brand image and the sales areas of various dealers do not overlap, and unsalable and backlogged products are returned and exchanged 100% within the warranty period to eliminate inventory concerns

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