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Description of position:
Job Responsibilities:
1. Develop, be familiar with and master the market conditions, compare and compare the three according to the principle of "high quality and low price", and choose the best purchase;
2. Pay attention to collecting market information, and feedback market prices and related information to department leaders in a timely manner;
3. Arrange the purchase order reasonably. For the materials that are in short supply and the raw materials that need to be purchased for long distances, the purchase plan should be arranged in advance and purchased in time;
4. Follow the order, track the unit price, delivery date and quality that have been issued to the supplier;
5. Organize acceptance and quality audit of supplier's delivery products;
6. Responsible for the statistics and management of purchase contracts, orders and invoices.
job requirements:
1. College degree or above Computer office software operation is proficient and articulate; those who understand the coating industry are preferred
2. More than one year related working experience in the same position;
3. Hard-working and able to work under pressure;
4. Familiar with the procurement process;
5. Careful and careful work, strong sense of responsibility, quick thinking, strong team spirit;
6. Possess strong negotiation ability and control over suppliers;
7. Have strong cost awareness and product cost analysis ability.

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