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  • 1994

    Rudiment of origin

    On January 8, 1994, Shenzhen Foreign Exchange Trading Center, China's first foreign exchange trading center, was established. On the same day, in an unknown small street in Chenzhou, Hunan Province, Mr. Liu Wenge, who has never been in contact with the coating industry, led his colleagues Le Sihong and Qiu Zhixiu to establish Chenzhou Yangtze River fine chemical plant, which is the original prototype of Yajia coating and the first kindling of Yajia group. But at the beginning of the business, the company encountered many unimaginable challenges. The most important technical problem was that Mr. Liu Wenge relied on the materials purchased by Xinhua Bookstore day and night to do experiments and start with simple formula. Even if it is to enter a blank area, this small company, adhering to the passion of loving the paint industry, has begun to explore the unfamiliar paint chemical industry from this day.
  • 1996

    Not one to you, but two to things

    In 1996, China's economy witnessed rapid development. At that time, Chenzhou Changjiang fine chemical plant had increased from three person company to seven people. In 1997, Mr. Liu Wenge successfully acquired the green building in the most prosperous area of Chenzhou City, established Chenzhou long-standing Chemical Co., Ltd. with mature technology, and gradually opened the market of Hunan Province. In August of that year, when the sun was blazing, the largest real estate developer in Chenzhou saw the prospect of commercial housing, and invited Mr. Liu Wenge to join us for three times With the real estate industry. At that time, China's economy was in full swing. Mr. Liu Wenge saw the prospect of the real estate industry, but after careful consideration, he flatly refused the invitation to enter the real estate industry. "Not one for you, but two for things", Mr. Liu Wenge deeply understands this sentence, which is from this matter, Mr. Liu Wenge is determined to only do coating industry in his life. Until more than 20 years later, he has been adhering to the spirit of integrity and hard work, striving in the paint industry, and never regretted his choice.
  • 2000

    Intensive cultivation

    In 2000, China's economy was at a turning point, the last year of the ninth five year plan, the first year of economic index recovery after the Asian financial crisis in 1997, and the year when the Party Central Committee launched the consumer market, expanded domestic demand and other positive economic policies began to show remarkable results. In this year, Mr. Liu Wenge, the founder of Yajia coatings, came to Panyu, Guangdong Province from Chenzhou, Hunan Province, driving three trucks to drive the tide of seven times with the same passion, after careful consideration and consideration of the times, with superhuman courage and boldness. In the early stage of entrepreneurship, his main business scope was decoration paint Wall paint. Leave no stone unturned in the year when Chenzhou's richest man was transformed into a hot potato in Guangdong. In the near twenty years, he has been more than ordinary in the paint industry. He has given up many opportunities to change his career. In twenty years, he has worked hard in the paint industry.
  • 2001

    Expand the industrial chain

    With the development of the enterprise, Liu Wenge, chairman of the board of directors, has a keen eye. With the sensitivity and foresight of entrepreneurs, he accurately predicted the future development trend of the market. In 2001, he transferred to the four corners of Huadu and established Guangzhou liancarbon coating Co., Ltd. at the same time, he expanded the industrial chain, introduced equipment to develop and produce resin independently, successfully transformed from decoration paint to furniture paint, and positioned the product as a brand It has created five major brands of paint: Yajia, Lange, Qisen, liangran and qiuri. The precise positioning of this product is the first strategic victory of Yajia company and the cornerstone of its rapid rise.
  • 2002

    attract investment

    With the rapid development of China's economy and the accurate positioning of enterprises, Mr. Liu Wenge led the entrepreneurial team to develop as fast as an eagle. In 2002, Huadu District attracted investment. Mr. Liu Wenge was invited to Huadong town overseas Chinese economic development zone to purchase land and build a factory, which was renamed as Guangzhou Shuangxing coating Co., Ltd. the factory covers an area of more than 30 mu, ranging from fire protection design to safety design All of them have reached the standard of design and construction of workshop in coating industry.
  • 2003

    Obtain national patent

    In 2003, the company's development was on the right track and passed the ISO9001 international quality certification system. From this year to 2007, Mr. Liu Wenge led the company's team to achieve fruitful results, achieve a comprehensive harvest in production and sales, and embark on a rapid development path. The "Yajia" stores in large and medium-sized cities in China have sprung up, with continuous innovation in output value and team members reaching To more than 200 people, the national sales network has been gradually improved, equipment and facilities have been updated and upgraded year by year, and Mr. Liu Wenge has led the research and Development Department of the company to obtain more than ten national patents. This is the influence of Yajia brand.
  • 2009

    Two in three

    In 2009, the production of double star coatings was nearly saturated. At the same time, the party and the government began a complete planning of the industry. Mr. Liu Wenge was the first to respond to the national policy of "two for three" and decided to expand the production scale again. He was invited to purchase land and build a factory in Donghua Town, Yingde City, with an area of 103 Mu and an investment of 200 million yuan. At the same time, he was officially renamed as Yingde Yajia Coatings Co., Ltd. and a new factory All the production lines of the house are equipped with domestic leading full-automatic equipment to realize fine production and fine management and control in the whole process of R & D, production and sales, giving full play to the strong R & D and supply capabilities.
  • 2011

    Words must be honest, deeds must be loyal

    In 2011, the first phase of Yajia's investment was almost completed by relying on its own funds. In the stage of equipment installation, a lot of funds were urgently needed. Mr. Liu Wenge was faced with the challenge of capital gap, such as infrastructure investment payment, huge budget of equipment investment, slow return of customers' funds, urgent need for timely payment of suppliers' loans, etc. for more than ten years, because Yajia's reputation was well known in the industry, Some suppliers also offered to postpone payment to help Yajia survive the crisis, but Mr. Liu Wenge, who has always regarded integrity as the foundation of human beings and the spirit of contract as the soul of the enterprise, was at this critical time. "Words must be honest, deeds must be loyal," Mr. Liu Wenge perfectly interpreted this sentence with practical actions.
  • 2013

    Leapfrog development

    On May 30, 2013, Yingde Yajia coating Co., Ltd., covering an area of 100000 square meters, was officially put into operation in Donghua Town, Yingde City. At the same time, it successfully obtained the safety production license and became the largest chemical production base in Guangdong Province, with an annual output of 100000 tons. Yajia coating continued to work in the coating industry, increased research and development of innovative technologies, actively faced market challenges, kept up with the pace of reform and seized the pace of reform Market opportunities, bold innovation, many times to achieve leapfrog development, outstanding performance.
  • 2015

    High tech Enterprises

    In 2015, Yajia company passed the approval of the first batch of high-tech enterprises in Qingyuan City, which is the time for us to work hard and become bigger and stronger. In this year, Mr. Liu Wenge was open-minded and actively negotiated with many research institutions in the industry, and successfully obtained strategic cooperation agreements with famous universities such as Sun Yat sen University, South China University of technology and Jinan University, jointly researched and developed, and obtained a number of resources for product upgrading, upgrading and integration. With the rapid development of the times, China's economy continues to take off. With the market demand, Mr. Liu Wenge decided to build Yajia phase II. The main project is UV and water-based paint, which are most needed by the market.

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